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Club Match  – GUC- Castlethorpe   – 11th January 2015

                    ‘Net of silvers ensures a ‘Matt’ finish’

 The latest joint club match between Towcester DAA and NNAC was held on the GUC at Castlethorpe on a cold and windy day. Fortunately the cold wind was at the anglers backs making fishing a little more comfortable than it could have been.

The form area on this stretch from previous matches was opposite the moored boats which covered the first half dozen or so pegs of the match length and so it proved again with the majority of the top weights coming from this section.

Those anglers that drew pegs in second half of the match length really struggled to catch and indeed several failed to register a bite at all!

Matt Webb made the most of his draw pulling out peg 4 on the boats. He caught steadily throughout the match finally registering 102 fish for 4lb exactly and first place. Kev Elliot on peg 1 also had a net of small silvers for 3lb 10oz and second place. On peg 9 John Balhatchet managed to snare a 2lb plus Perch and along with a few silvers weighed in 3lb exactly and third place.

Other anglers who managed a few pound of fish on a very tough day were Dave Gibbins and Brian Beard in the early pegs who both managed 2lb plus of fish as did Les Ramsden on end peg 19.

1st – Matt Webb -           4lb 0oz

2nd –Kev Elliott              3lb 10oz

3rd – John Balhatchet     3lb  0oz



Latest news as at 9th January

Still Waters

Still waters are all very quiet with no catches of note recorded up to 9th January.

River news

The rivers are giving us some reports from the Nene of some decent roach catches from the cogenhoe area. The Ouse giving up some good sized perch for those prepared to search them out.

The Nene upstream of Wellingboough has always been a bit sparse of fish which was confirmed by the EA’s fish survey of 2013 but we are seeing a resurgence of fish appearing and we are told the Nene will be surveyed again this year commencing March onwards so we are expecting to see some increase showing up in the survey.

Please do not forget all River Ouse waters are full members only and are not available on day ticket.

Canal News

The canals are fishing very patchy but one exceptional catch has been reported from Yardley totalling 73lb made up of perch and bream.



Club Match (F&F) – GUC- Banbury Lane   – 14th December 2014

                                         ‘Beard wins it by a whisker’

The annual Fur & Feather match was held on the clubs Banbury Lane stretch of the GUC on a cold morning with a chilling breeze blowing down the canal.

Eighteen anglers lined the towpath either side of the new road bridge going down towards the bridge at Gayton.

This section of the canal had recently seen several hundred pounds of silver fish introduced by the Canal and River Trust as part of a restocking programme so it was hoped that all participants would have a decent day.

Unfortunately bites were very hard to come by, six anglers did not weigh in and several others only had one bite resulting in one fish. Of those that did not weigh in a couple of anglers did catch a species that was probably the reason for the lack of fish caught, zander! (zander do not count in club matches).

After finishing second in the previous club match Brain Beard went one better this time and won a very close match with 3lb 12oz, his weight made up of four skimmers, two caught on bread punch and two on worm.

Baz Eaton was only three ounces behind Brian with three perch caught on worm for 3lb 9oz and just one ounce behind Baz was Dave Gibbins, again with a net of worm caught perch for 3lb 8oz. Completing the frame and two ounces further back was John Balhatchet with two perch for 3lb 6oz.

There were three prizes for each section of five anglers so despite the lack of fish caught most participants has something to take home for their efforts.

1st – Brian Beard -          3lb 12oz

2nd –Baz Eaton               3lb  9oz

3rd – Dave Gibbins –       3lb  8oz

4th – John Balhatchet      3lb  6oz




Club Match – GUC- Grafton Regis  – 30th November 2014

                        ‘Howards way is enough for victory’

 This was the latest of the joint matches between anglers from Northampton Nene AC and Towcester DAA.

Twenty Four anglers lined the towpath from the bridge back towards Bozenham.

Chris Howard won the match with 5lb 14oz, his weight made up of 12 fish, 8 skimmers up to 2lb caught on bread punch and worm and 4 perch up to a 1lb caught on worm, all fish coming in the first 2 hours of the match.

Brian Beard wasn’t too far behind in second place with 5lb 4oz consisting of skimmers and perch. Ron Coles managed to tempt a decent perch around the 2lb mark on a tiny piece of worm and with some smaller specimens and a few roach and skimmers weighed 4lb 14oz and third place.

A fourth place payout went to Les Ramsden who had 2 big roach, a decent skimmer and a few bits for 3lb 8oz.

Two section payments were also made, those going to Ron Collins who was only 2oz from a fourth place payout with 3lb 6oz, and Baz Eaton who weighed in 2lb 12oz.

The majority of the other anglers struggled to find fish and there were several DNWs as the last few hours of the match saw hardly any fish caught.

1st – Chris Howard -          5lb 14oz

2nd –Brian Beard                5lb 4oz

3rd – Ron Coles –                4lb 14oz

4th – Les Ramsden              3lb  8oz


Club Match – GUC- Yardley Gobion  – 16th November 2014

                               ‘John is a ‘cut’ above the rest’

 This was the latest of the joint matches between anglers from Northampton Nene AC and Towcester DAA.

Twenty Six anglers lined the towpath, thirteen either side of the bridge, on a dull but mild day for the time of year.

John Balhatchet made the most of his draw, fishing opposite the marina, to land a decent net of skimmers and several large perch weighing exactly 13lb at the scales and win the match by almost 5lb. Not far from John was Matthew Webb, who caught steadily throughout the day with most of his 50 or so fish being skimmers between 3oz and 6oz. Matt weighed in 8lb 10oz for second place. Pete Laughton drew the other side of the bridge and fished a decent match to end with a mixed bag for 6lb and third place.

Two section payments were also made, those going to Andy Webster who wasn’t far off from third place with 5lb 5oz, and Paul Ramsden who weighed in 4lb 11oz.

The majority of the other anglers weighed in 2-3lb of fish and boat traffic was very light so a fairly decent day was had by all.

1st – John Balhatchet -          13lb 0oz

2nd –Matt Webb -                   8lb 10oz

3rd – Pete Laughton –             6lb  0oz



Paul Douglas with 7 pound River Ouse Chub from NNAC water


Mixed catch of Skimmer Bream, Perch & Roach reported from Stoke Bruerne

Chris Howard and Paul Minney reported a catch on Friday 17th October from the long pound opposite the trees at Stoke Bruerne of about 25 pounds of Skimmer Bream to 1 pound 4 ounces, Roach to a pound and Perch to 3 pound caught on bread punch caster & worm. A total of about 100 fish caught in just over 4 hours

Roach catch reported from Swan Valley

Stuart Eggleton reported this catch of quality Roach caught in a couple of hours from Swan Valley lake on Sunday 28th September with some Roach taken from the hook by a large Pike in the swim



Club Match – Stockton Reservoir  – 14th September 2014

    ‘Lance runs through the field to take the honours’

 This was the first of two joint matches between anglers from Northampton Nene AC and Towcester DAA to be fished on this venue, the next match being in mid October.

Twenty Seven anglers lined two banks around the reservoir on a bright and sunny day.

The carp in this water are of a larger stamp than most venues and not many are needed to build a substantial weight.

Lance Chubb only required nine fish for his winning weight, a few coming on the straight lead to start with the rest being caught on the pellet waggler.

Two pegs down from Lance, Gerald Green landed a similar number of fish on the method feeder for his second place weight and a few pegs along from Gerald, Brian Beard also caught his fish on the method feeder for third place.

Two section payments were also made, those going to Kevin Nightingale who just missed out on third place with 54lb 8oz, and Paul Ramsden who weighed in 45lb.

1st – Lance Chubb -          83lb 12oz

2nd –Gerald Green -          73lb 8oz

3rd – Brian Beard –           58lb  14oz



Club Match – White Bishop Lake, Bishops Bowl  – 24th August 2014

                                     ‘Gerald finds the right method’

  It was a warm day with sunny spells and a light breeze and the eleven anglers were pegged on the far bank of the lake, pegs 14 – 26.

On the day the lake fished very well with most anglers weighing in over 20lbs.

However, it was Gerald Green, peg 16, who caught carp up to 8lb and some skimmer bream around the 2lb mark on the method feeder to record a winning weight of 70lb 2oz.

Close on Geralds heels and in second place and who probably needed one more decent carp was Dave Gibbins, peg 14, who fished the straight lead to catch carp up to 10lb and just fall short of first place with a weight of 67lb 14oz.

Bob Eales completed the frame with a net of carp and skimmers caught close in to the reeds on the pole weighing 41lb 14oz

Most anglers who fished for carp close to the reeds lost fish as they shot into rushes and snagged the line. Chris Howard opted to fish for roach and caught 177 fish mostly on hemp, along with a couple of skimmers and a tench for 29lb 6oz

1st –   Gerald Green -    70lb 2oz

2nd –  Dave Gibbins -    67lb 14oz

3rd   – Bob Eales –         41lb 14oz


Club Match – Toft Farm Fishery, Silver Lake  – 17th August 2014

                         ‘Keep it in the family, Paul and Les take top spots’

 After a disappointing match on this venue in early June, club members were hoping for better things to come second time around. There was a slight improvement in the top weights compared to the first match but generally for the time of year the venue fished poorly.

The fifteen anglers had to contend with a twenty minute spell of driving rain and strong winds whilst setting up. Fortunately the rain stopped but the blustery winds continued throughout the match.

Dick Shellard and Andy Kimpton both found out to their cost how strong the wind was at times. Dick lost several sections of his pole as the wind lifted them off of his rest and blew them straight into the water where they sank before he could retrieve them. Andy cracked two of his sections battling with the elements.

Bites were hard to come by for most throughout the match and due to the strong wind the long pole to the far side reeds was not possible so most anglers had to settle for fishing down the track or the margins.

It was in the margins that Paul Ramsden, peg 8, had a profitable last hour landing several decent carp to boost his weight to 32lb 10oz and first place. Pauls dad Les was on peg 11 and caught several carp and some silvers for 28lb 14oz and second place. Completing the frame and on the end peg was Tosh Saunders who had put a decent run of small carp together but just fell short of second place finishing with 28lb 6oz.

Just outside the frame were John Balhatchet and Simon Cordingley who finished with 27lb and 26lb respectively.

1st – Paul Ramsden -          32lb 10oz

2nd –Les Ramsden -            28lb 14oz

3rd – Tosh Saunders –         28lb  6oz



Pictures from an Environment Agency netting at Turvey




Another incident has been reported of persons stating they are a club bailiff and attempting to get money from anglers. All current Northamptonneneac bailiffs and officers have been issued with their new badges for the 2014/2015 season. If approached please ask to see this  badge which has a photo and an identity no. for that bailiff or officer. if in any doubt please ring Mick on 07833967186 for confirmation. This number will also be found on the Neneac signs on our waters. If you are approached by what you think is a bogus bailiff any information you can remember and pass on to us would be greatly appreciated.


Northamptonneneac receives Clubmark accreditation

Ron Collins collects award on behalf of NNAC

Clubmark Cert


If you have any news or catches to report please ring Mick on 07833967186 or Email at 

 Canal latest news

For those interested the following is an excerpt from a  copy letter received by our club secretary Neil from the Canal and River trust in answer to queries from himself about the presence of Zander in the canal system. It does at least lay out the legal position as per the law.

Thanks Neil,
I can confirm that zander are a non-native species as set out in the Import of Live Fish Act legislation. They are held under temporary license by the Trust and we are instructed to remove all zander caught as part of our day to day fisheries management activity e.g. in fish rescues or in fish population surveys. It is an offence to return them to the water if caught by rod and line.  Although I am not aware of any prosecutions in this regard I would have to advise clubs that this is the current law so realistically any zander caught must be killed to comply with the legislation.



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