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Final Points for club matches after 15 rounds




Club Match – Long Pound – Stoke Bruerne , GUC  – 23rd February 2014

                                           ‘Brian takes the honours’

 The club championship was up for grabs with Paul Ramsden leading the way, John Balhatchet a close second and Dave Gibbins  in third place going into the final club match of the season.

The match was fished in blustery conditions, the wind fortunately on the anglers backs with some shelter provided by the towpath hedge.

Bites were hard to come by for most of the eleven anglers throughout the match as the number of small fish normally associated with canals were just not there and the majority of fish that were caught were of a reasonable stamp.

Brian Beard drew fancied peg 4 on the bushes and made the most of his draw by landing three decent perch all around the 2lb mark, catching them on worm and double red maggot at about 13m up against the bushes. Brian weighed in 6lb 4oz which was enough for first place on the day.

At the far end of the match length, Dave Gibbins on peg 10 had a decent net of perch and skimmers caught on caster and worm for 5lb 10oz and second place and next to him on end peg 11 Ron Collins had a good net of skimmers with a few roach caught on bread punch for 5lb and third place.

For the top two in the points table, John Balhatchet weighed in 1lb 7oz and Paul Ramsden 6oz, but despite finishing outside the top three in this match, Chris Howard (Match Secretary) confirmed afterwards that the standings going into the match had remained the same with congratulations going to Paul Ramsden for winning this years championship and also well done to runner up John Balhatchet and Dave Gibbins in third place.

1st – Brian Beard -       6lb 4oz

2nd –Dave Gibbins -     5lb 10oz

3rd – Ron Collins –       5lb 0oz




Club Match – Northampton Arm , GUC  – 9th February 2014

                                       ‘Baz punches his way to victory  ’

 The latest club match, originally scheduled for Yardley Wharf, was moved to Furnace Lane and ended up being fished on the clubs Northampton Arm stretch of the GUC at Bridge 3 near Rothersthorpe. The high winds and rain had forced a change of venue to somewhere that had reasonable shelter.

This stretch of the canal had a high hedge on the towpath side and bushes on the far side to provide the eleven anglers with reasonable comfort in which to fish the match.

Being the penultimate match of the season and valuable points at stake for the top three in the club championship, several of those in contention were keen to do well and hoped that the fish were keen to feed.

For most however the fish didn’t show and only those anglers that fished bread punch found some success managing to catch mainly roach.

Baz Eaton on peg 9 caught fairly steadily throughout the match ending up with 3lb 9oz and first place. Chris Howard at the other end of the match length caught all his fish towards the far shelf and was only a few ounces behind Baz with 3lb 2oz. Completing the top three was Andy Law who found the roach early on but couldn’t keep them coming and ended up with 1lb 15oz.


1st – Baz Eaton -           3lb 9oz

2nd –Chris Howard -     3lb 2oz

3rd – Andy Law –          1lb 15oz



Club Match – F&F- GUC – Banbury Lane  – 15th December 2013

                               ‘Ron beats the predators to record F&F win  ’

 On a wet and windy day, the 15 anglers not only had to put up with the atrocious weather conditions but were also plagued throughout the match by the latest invasive species to turn up in the GUC, Zander!

It was estimated that around 15 of these predators, mostly around the 1lb mark, were landed during the match, 7 of them alone caught by Tom Newbury who got so fed up with them in his swim that he packed up half way through the match as his chances of catching a net of silvers were all but over.

The club had recently introduced 740lb of silver fish into this section of the canal and it may be that the zander thought Christmas lunch had come early and were shoaled in this area, hence the numbers being caught during the match.

However, at the far end of the match length (peg 15) Ron Collins had managed to avoid the Zs and put together a winning net of skimmers and perch to record 6lb 9oz. Brian Beard on peg 11 also had a similar net of fish to finish in second place with 4lb 14oz and two pegs along from him Baz Eaton caught a few decent perch to weigh 4lb 10oz.

In a close finish for a place in the top three on the day Chris Howard caught 27 roach on bread punch to finish a few ounces behind Baz and Brian with 4lb 8oz.

As it was the Fur & Feather, the match was split into three sections, so most anglers on the day received a prize, whether a voucher or a tin of sweets.

1st – Ron Collins -      6lb 9oz

2nd –Brian Beard -     4lb 14oz

3rd – Baz Eaton –       4lb 10oz




We once again have come across another incident where an angler has been approached and charged for fishing our waters by a bogus bailiff. All Northamptonneneac bailiffs and officers carry an identity badge which has a photo and an identity no. for that bailiff or officer, also on that card is a phone no for the head bailiff . Bailiffs will only sell you a day ticket from a properly printed and numbered book. Always ask to see identity card and if in any doubt ring the head bailiff for verification.

If you are approached by what you think is a bogus bailiff any information you can remember and pass on to us would be greatly appreciated.


Northamptonneneac receives Clubmark accreditation

Ron Collins collects award on behalf of NNAC

Clubmark Cert

Trophies awarded at NNAC AGM

John Balhatchet and Steve Johnson collect trophies for 1st and 2nd in the NNAC points series




If you have any news or catches to report please ring Mick on 07833967186 or Email at 


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10th February With the latest rains going straight into both the Nene and Ouse not many areas are fishable and prospects are not good for a week as yet.


Please note all club waters on the Great Ouse are only fishable by full club card holders only (no day tickets).

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