Grand Union Canal

The club holds the fishing rights to all of the Grand Union between bridge no. 22 at the A5 near Dodford Northants in the north of the county down to bridge no. 62 at Yardley Wharf near Yardley Gobion off the A508 in the south of the county.

Fishing is only allowed from the towpath bank and when fishing opposite moored boats members are requested not to use catapults for baiting purposes. When fishing between boats moored on the towpath side it is advisable to leave a 15 metre distance between boat and your fishing station.

The Grand Union can normally be relied upon to produce some good fishing for Roach, Bream, Tench and some very chunky Perch, carp are present but not in any numbers, those anglers fishing early mornings or late evenings either before or after the boat traffic dies down seem to obtain the best results.