For all rod licence information and how to report a water problem go to      Environment-agency

For whats happening in the Nene valley with regard to river and habitat improvements go to        River Nene Regional Park

Every  angler who is passionate about their fishing should seriously consider joining and supporting the national voice of all fishermen at  the  Angling Trust  this site  updates and keeps you informed of all of whats happening in the fishing world.

For all that is happening on the canal system and this site is full of canal fishing snippets go to 

National fishing month this year runs from 27th  July to 2nd September,  for all locations locally or nationally where you can go to participate and have a go at fishing log on to

Another direct site that lets you know where to go and have a go at fishing can be found at

For news about the River Nene have a look at the Nene,Welland and Witham forum of which the Northampton Nene AC is a member. This forum meets quarterly with representatives of the Angling Trust, the Environment Agency and the River Nene Regional Park and various clubs that lease fishing rights on the three rivers. Also represented are flyfishing clubs for the area. you can see what is going on at