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Match points after 4 matches



Club Match  – GUC,  Heyford – 11th June 2017


1st – G.Martin -          16lb 0oz 0 dms

2nd –J.Balhatchet -       9lb  8oz 0dms

3rd – L.Wallis -            5lb  0oz 0dms

16 anglers turned out for the first club match of the season on the GUC at Heyford.

Overall the match fished fairly hard with over 20 plus boats passing through during the match. Of the 16 that fished 5 anglers did not weigh in.

On the end peg of the match length and by the pylons Graham Martin fished across to the far shelf to catch skimmer bream to one and half pounds along with a couple of decent hybrids to 2lb to finish well clear in first place with 16lb. John Balhatchet was a couple of pegs to Grahams left and also found the skimmer bream in a feeding mood, weighing in 9lb 8oz for second place. At the other end of the match length Les Wallis caught two good perch on worm in his catch of 5lb giving him third place.




Club match points after 15 matches and season end

Points winners 2016 – 17

1st Brian Beard            181 points

2nd John Balhatchet  175 points

3rd Les Ramsden        165 points

All awards to be presented at the AGM on Monday 10th April at The Yeoman of England , Wootton at 7.30 pm prompt



Club Match  – GUC,  Heyford – 12th March 2017                                                                             

1st – J.Balhatchet -    12lb 3oz 0 dms

2nd –L.Ramsden -       6lb  3oz 8dms

3rd – C.Howard -        6lb  3oz 0dms

18 anglers turned out for the final club match of the season on the GUC at Heyford.

Overall the match fished fairly hard after the first two boats had gone through.

John Balhatchet won the match with a net full of skimmers to 12oz caught on the punch and also some decent perch for 12lb 3oz. In a close finish for second place Les Ramsden got there by half an ounce from Chris Howard with 6lb 3oz 8 dm, catching skimmers and some decent perch tempted on prawns. Just half an ounce behind Chris Howard caught a bream, 2 skimmers and 2 decent perch on maggots and worms.

This left the final club standings in the points championship as:

1st – Brian Beard          181 points

2nd – John Balhatchet   175 points

3rd – Les Ramsden       165 points



Club Match  – GUC,  Long Pound, Stoke Bruerne – 26th February 2017                                

1st – L.Wallis -             9lb 12oz

2nd –B.Beard -              8lb  2oz

3rd – A.Kimpton -        4lb 15oz

15 anglers turned out for the penultimate club match of the season on the GUC at Stoke Bruerne, the water levels now back up to normal after recent renovation work on the lower pounds had caused the level to drop.

The match fished fairly well for the time of year with 9 of the 15 anglers weighing in over 1lb 8oz.

Les Wallis found a decent shoal of skimmers to land fish from 4oz up to a 1lb for a winning weight of 9lb 12oz. Brian Beard caught several decent perch up to 2lb mainly on worm for 8lb 2oz and second place, and with this putting himself in a very strong position for club champion with one match to go. Completing the frame was Andy Kimpton with a net of skimmers caught on bread punch for 4lb 15oz.



Club Match  – Fur & Feather, GUC,  Yardley Gobion – 18th December 2016                

1st – B.Eaton -             12lb 14oz

2nd –M.Goodridge -      7lb 10oz

3rd – B.Beard -              5lb 1oz

24 anglers turned out for the annual ‘Christmas match’ on the GUC at Yardley which didn’t look very promising at first glance, the water was a horrible colour and cold from previous nights frosts, and so it proved to be for the vast majority of competitors.

Only 13 weighed and some of those weights were only ounces. Baz Eaton had a good draw in front of the marina and he made the most of this to win the match netting several decent skimmers around the 2lb mark as well a good perch also about 2lb. A couple of pegs away Mick Goodridge also found some decent skimmers for second place. At the other end of the match length and not far from the ‘tin bridge, Brian Beard had 9 skimmers in his 5lb 1oz and third place.

As it was the Fur & Feather there were four sections of 6 anglers and those lucky enough catch went home with a voucher, a bottle of wine or a tin of sweets.




Club Match  – GUC,  Grafton Regis – 27th November 2016                              

1st – D.Gibbins -       7lb 4oz

2nd –A.Kimpton -      6lb 10oz

3rd – J.Parkin -           5lb 8oz

Originally scheduled for the Nene at Oundle, this match was switched during the week to the cut at Grafton Regis after heavy rainfall had put the river in flood

24 anglers turned out for what became a struggle for most, especially after an hour when the first boat had gone through and put pay to those that were getting regular bites.

During this first hour Dave Gibbins and Andy Kimpton found several decent skimmers, Andy including a 3lb bream in his catch, and also some roach to back up their weights. Dave finding a few more fish to record a winning weight of 7lb 4oz, Andy 10oz behind in second place. John Parkin also caught well in the first hour and finished with a creditable weight on the day of 5lb 8oz and third place.

Section payouts went to Darren Pannell 4lb 4oz and Mick Goodridge 3lb 7oz.


Club Match  – Ouse, Newton Blossomville – 13th November 2016                              

1st – P.Laughton -    15lb 1oz

2nd –B.Beard -           9lb 15oz

3rd – I.Stokes-            9lb 7oz

19 anglers turned out for the latest club match on a glorious autumnal day. With hardly any rain in recent weeks meant that the river was lower than normal for the time of year and was lacking colour.

Those drawn in the early pegs found the fish more willing to oblige and it was Pete Laughton and Brain Beard pegged next to each other who took the top two spots. Pete caught a mixed bag of roach, dace and perch, around 100 fish, for a winning weight of 15lb 1oz. Brian also had a good mixed bag for 9lb 15oz and second place as did Ivor Stokes, 9lb 7oz and third place.

Section places went to Matt Webb with 8lb 13oz (1 – 10) and Dave Gibbins 2lb 11oz (11 – 19).


Club Match  – Ouse, Old Stratford – 23rd  October 2016                                                

1st – W.Robinson -    27lb 7oz

2nd –G.Minards -       10lb 6oz

3rd – L.Wallis-             6lb 6oz

A good turnout of 26 anglers fished the latest club match on the DATS picturesque stretch of the Ouse, the match length running from the road bridge in Old Stratford through to the other side of A5 fly over section.

Without much rain in recent weeks there was hardly any flow on the river and not a lot of colour either. The leaves had started to fall and in some swims had settled on the surface giving some presentation difficulties.

For the vast majority it proved quite a tough match and if it wasn’t for ‘Sergeant Stripey’, the Perch, there may have been a few dry nets.

Perch weights dominated the match and an excellent all Perch catch by Wayne Robinson of 27lb 7oz (fish from 4oz up to 2lb 8oz) won him the match by some distance. George Minards also had an all Perch catch of 10lb 6oz for second place as did Les Wallis of 6lb 6oz for third place.

As there was such a good turnout section pay outs went to Kevin Nightingale 3lb 10oz, Ivor Stokes 3lb 6oz and John Broughton 3lb 1oz.




Club Match  – Ferry Meadows – 9th  October 2016                                    

1st – L.Ramsden -    5lb 12oz

2nd –B.Beard -         2lb 10oz

3rd – P.Robinson-    1lb 14oz

This was the first time for several years that Ferry Meadows was back on the fixture list and judging by the number of blanks in the match it could well be several more years before its back on again!

Fishing Gunwade Lake (Pegs 28 – 45) it was only the anglers in the first few pegs on the match length (45 being the first) that caught any fish. There were 12 blanks after that with most not even registering a bite!

Les Ramsden on end peg 45 found 4 skimmer bream (biggest at 2lb) for a winning weight of 5lb 12oz. Brian Beard on peg 42 had a few smaller skimmers for 2lb 10oz and second place and Paul Robinson completed the frame with 1lb 14oz.


Club Match  – Stockton Reservoir  – 11th  September 2016                                    

1st – G.Martin -       50lb 0oz

2nd –G.Green -         26lb 8oz

3rd – J.Balhatchet -   21lb 12oz

Pegged on the ‘boards’ section of the reservoir the 20 plus anglers had a warm and pleasant Septembers day for the latest club match. Unfortunately bites were at a premium with several blanks recorded as the resident carp didn’t really show up. Those that managed to catch only had the odd one or two fish, but they were of a reasonable stamp. Graham Martin managed to tempt 5 carp for 50lb and first place. In second place was Gerald Green with 3 carp for 26lb 8oz and completing the fame was John Balhatchet with 2 carp for 21lb 12oz.




Club Match  – Bishops Bowl (The Cliffs)  – 21st  August 2016             

1st – K.Elliott -       33lb 8oz

2nd –C.Howard -     32lb 12oz

3rd – L.Ramsden -   22lb 2oz

A day that was warm but mixed with showers and a blustery wind saw 18 anglers fish the latest club match. Fished on a new lake on the complex it turned out to be quite peggy with those drawn 22 – 25 fairing the best. Winner on the day was Kevin Elliott whose catch was made up of lots of small carp to 12oz and a couple of slightly bigger fish to boost his weight. In second place and with a similar catch was Chris Howard who had 39 small carp, backed up with 3 bream around 2lb each and a nice roach around a 1lb all caught on the waggler with double maggot. Completing the frame was Les Ramsden with a net of small carp caught on maggot.


Club Match  – Waterloo Farm  – 14th August 2016           

1st – D.Gibbins -           117lb 14oz

2nd –J.Broughton -          87lb 4oz

3rd – B.Eales -                 85lb 2oz

Bright, flat calm conditions made fishing quite hard for most. The top 4 in the match all came from the last 4 pegs on the right hand bank. Top weights on the left hand bank were 48lb and 31lb respectively. Dave Gibbins won the day fishing popped up bread to take carp to 8lb. In second place was John Broughton with carp to 15lb and in third place was Bob Eales with carp to 10lb.



Club Match  – Toft Fishery  – 31st July 2016                                

1st – P.Ramsden -            154lb 0oz

2nd –B.Beard -                 140lb 12oz

3rd – C.Howard -             108lb 0oz

18 turned out for the second match to be fished on the main lake at Toft Farm on a calm warm day. Winner on the day was Paul Ramsden who had 38 carp to 8lb mainly caught on meat. Runner up Brian Beard had a similar catch but on pellet. Completing the frame Chris Howard had 34 carp to 8lb on pellet. On a good day there were 15 weights over 50lb.




Club Match  – Bishops Bowl (The Marshes)  – 3rd July 2016                        

1st – J.Balhatchet -            63lb 10oz

2nd –B.Beard -                   56lb 12oz

3rd – P.Ramsden -              48lb 4oz

All in the frame were between pegs 3-6 on Marshes 1, all having nets of carp.


Club Match  – Barby Banks – 26th June 2016                                

1st – J.Broughton -             42lb 8oz

2nd –C.Howard -                 41lb 0oz

3rd – J.Balhatchet -             34lb 6oz

18 anglers fished the latest club match, pegs allocated were 28-49 & 63-75. The match fished quite hard unless there was a feature in the peg. John Broughton had several carp to 4lb in the margins from peg 65 to win on the day. Chris Howard had 11lb of small ‘stockie’ carp and 30lb of better carp in the margins for second place from peg 44. John Balhatchet had an all carp catch from peg 34 for third place.


Club Match  – Clattercote Reservoir  – 19th June 2016                             

1st – M.Goodridge -           35lb 0oz

2nd –P.Ramsden -               28lb 4oz

3rd – J.Broughton -            19lb 12oz

Mick Goodridge took top spot on a tough day where most anglers struggled for fish. His catch consisted of 5 carp, 3 bream and a Tench. Paul Ramsden managed to find some Bream and roach for second place and John Broughton had 2 carp and a few bream for third place.


Club Match  – Toft Fishery  – 5th June 2016                   

1st – K.Nightingale -       93lb 8oz

2nd –A. Jones -                74lb 0oz

3rd – P.Ramsden -           54lb 4oz

19 fished the opening match of the series on the main lake at a warm and sunny Toft Farm. Winner on the day was Kevin Nightingale with a catch of carp to 10lb mainly caught on meat. Runner up Andy Jones had a similar catch on the same bait. Paul Ramsden completed the frame again with an all carp catch.





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