Swan Valley

The lake is man-made and lies on the course of Wootton Brook about 3/4 of a mile from

its confluence with the River Nene at Upton Mill.

The lake is mostly fairly shallow (4 to 5 feet) with deeper holes around the island from where a good stamp of fish can be caught. The lake contains stocks of Roach, Bream, Perch and Pike, along with some Carp which have proved elusive in recent years.

Fishing is mainly from the east side of the lake (nearest the Northampton Arm of the canal) with access to a short length of the west bank (near the Warehouse) by the outflow of Wootton Brook.

Northampton Nene AC lease the fishing rights to this lake which is on the Swan Valley industrial estate. Please note that as part of the conditions of lease the water is members only with no day tickets available on this water.