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5th March 2018 river update

Prior to last weekends snow and freezing conditions a few hardy souls had been out on the rivers with the odd chub or two reported from the Nene and at Newton on the Ouse after sitting biteless for an hour and half one angler found the dace moved in and he finished off his day having a bite a chuck from good quality fish averaging 8ins.

All quiet at the moment 9th May.

Environment Agency perform fish survey on the River great Ouse at Turvey.

On November 1st 2017 the EA carried out a fish survey on our waters at Turvey. They isolated a short section of the river using nets stretched from bank to bank, then using electro-fishing gear swept the river. Amongst the fish collected were Chub, Roach, Dace, Perch and Pike. 

After the rains some anglers reporting good silver fish catches from the Ouse with some large bream and unseasonal tench coming out of the Nene.


Reports are being received of, I use the word loosely “Anglers” spotted on the river banks during this close season. If anybody does spot anyone on the river fishing during this period  please take the trouble to ring Mick on 07833967186 or the EA on 0800807060  we may not be in a position to get there straight away but the more information we get on the locations these people are using the more likely we are to eventually catch up with them and take any actions necessary.

People are advised not to approach these people direct please just ring one of the above numbers.

All anglers are reminded that the “Close Season” is now operational until 00.01 on 16th June and NoFishing is allowed on any of our river water both on the Nene and the Ouse with the exception of the “Blue lagoon”, “The Dead Arm” and “Shelfleys Lake”


Although no angling is allowed on river systems at moment a report has been received from one of our regulars that during a recent walk along the river banks he came across a suspected recent “otter kill” of a couple of dead perch which so amazed him with their size that he went back for scales and upon weighing them the largest went 4lb 9ozs with most of its innards missing.

It will be very interesting to see if any fish of this size show up in the planned EA survey later this year

12/4/15  On the River Nene during this coming year the Environment Agency will be carrying out the tri yearly survey of the river to check on all facets of the river including water quality, weed growth and fish stocks.

Our area of concern running from headwaters of the Kingsthorpe arm and Kislingbury arm down to past the Hardwater crossing is scheduled for around end of May and early June, as we receive firmer dates we will publish more accurate locations and times and if people are interested they are quite welcome to go along and watch.

Also good news for the Nene in our area Anglian water have employed a”farm advisor” whose job is to advise local farmers on alternative farming methods in an effort to cut down the amount of fertilisers and pesticides they use which end up going into the river causing damage and excessive weed growth.


10/01/13 Unfortunately have received no news off the Nene but have received news that during the past week although the Ouse was running well at Newton decent bags of roach were being caught in the fast water. Anglers thinking they were  smart and fishing the slacks were left behind in the catch rates.

15/12/12  It just shows what a day of rain can do, following yesterdays optimism and after fridays rains the rivers have risen a good 2ft and are chocolate  coloured. The EA have issued flood warnings for upper and middle Nene and the Tove valley

14/12/12 Due to fluctuating levels this past week have not managed to obtain any recent info. Although currently raining the levels and colour do inspire a bit of confidence and they should be given a go this weekend.

10/12/12 On the Ouse in the last week or so the odd barbel up to 13lb have been caught whilst the river has been down to fishable levels. Other fish scarce at the moment.

With no current reports from the Nene the Ouse takes top spot with some welcome bags of roach up to 14lb in weight being reported from the Newton area in the last week or so (w/e 11/11/12).  With the rivers fining down we will hopefully see some good catches coming along. See above for report on match 18/11/12 at Newton Blossomville.

Club Match on Newton Blossomville 18 November 2012

The latest club match was held at Newton Blossomville in dry, calm & sunny conditions with the river still with plenty of pace. Chris Howard had over 100 Roach & Dace to win with 11 pounds 9 ounces. Second was Paul Minney with a similar catch for 8 pounds 2 ounces – both catches caught on big stick float on Caster and Hemp. Third was Les Ramsden on 7 pounds 9 ounces including a Tench of about 5 pounds. Most other anglers had plenty of Dace & Roach.

Chris Howard with 11 pound 9 ounces of Roach and Dace and a foggy Newton Blossomville