club match archive

Club Match  – GUC Furnace Lane   – 13th March 2016

                                    ‘ First hour blitz seals it for Chris’

In the last club match of the season 17 anglers lined the tow path on a bright March day.  As it turned out most of the fish were caught in the first hour of the match before the boat traffic started.

Chris Howard won the match from peg 10 with 14lb which consisted of 8 decent skimmers, 5 hybrids and 2 netter roach caught on bread plus a bonus 2lb perch on worm. Next to Chris on peg 9 and in second place was Andy Kimpton with 10lb 10oz of skimmers to 2lb caught on bread. In third place was Tosh Saunders with 5lb 15oz of skimmers and perch.

As this was the last points match the final placings were confirmed as 1st John Talbot 176 points, 2nd Bob Eales 174 points, 3rd Les Ramsden 170 points, very well done John and congratulations to Bob and Les.

1st – Chris Howard –      14lb 0oz

2nd –Andy Kimpton       10lb 10oz

3rd – Tosh Saunders         5lb 15oz


                     Club Match  – GUC Flore   – 28th February 2016

                               Mick pips Graham in a close finish

 On a cold day 15 anglers fished the penultimate club match and it turned out to be a real struggle with very few bites being had. Only 5 anglers weighed over a 1lb!

Mick Goodridge managed to snare a decent perch plus a couple of smaller ones for a winning weight of 2lb 12oz. Graham Martin on peg 1 caught a decent hybrid around the 1lb mark and with a few smaller bits weighed in 2lb 11oz for second place. Third place was shared between Bob Eales and Les Ramsden who both had 1lb 13oz, a decent skimmer each and a few bits.

1st – Mick Goodridge –              2lb 12oz

2nd –Graham Martin                  2lb 11oz

3rd – Bob Eales/Les Ramsden   1lb  13oz





Club Match  – F&F, Long Pound, Stoke Bruerne  – 20th December 2015

                                        ‘A bit of Christmas cheer for Andy’

 On a mild Sunday a few days before Christmas 22 anglers turned out for the Fur & Feather match pegged on the Long Pound and also two smaller pounds either side of the A508.

Some anglers were into fish straight away where as others found the bites hard to come by, seeming that the fish were shoaled up in certain areas of the canal.

Andy Webster, Peg 8, had struggled initially and the reason soon became apparent as he caught two zander in a short space of time. However afterwards he found that the skimmers were in a feeding mood on his long pole line and he had a purple patch landing 3 decent size skimmers at 2lb plus each and a few smaller ones on worm. These coupled with a decent perch and a few other skimmers caught during the rest of the match saw Andy weigh 13lb 11oz and first place.

Chris Howard, Peg 5, started off the match landing a several decent skimmers and roach in the first 30 minutes and looked on for a very good weight but things slowed as the match progressed with only the odd fish coming every now and then. He finished with 10lb 3oz and tied for second place with Darren Pannell, Peg 1, who like Chris caught several decent skimmers and roach throughout the match for his 10lb 3oz.

In fourth place was Pete Laughton who netted 20 skimmers for 8lb 3oz.

As it was the Fur & Feather as well as the main pay out there was a section pay out and also 3 prizes for each of the four sections in the match so most anglers went home with either cash, a voucher or a tin of sweets.

1st – Andy Webster       13lb 11oz

2nd = Chris Howard       10lb 3oz

2nd = Darren Pannell     10lb 3oz

4th – Pete Laughton         8lb 3oz



Club Match  – River Ouse, Newton Blossomville   – 8th November 2015

                                        ‘The right man on the right peg’

 A mild November day and a river with some colour in it after recent rain was good news for the 17 anglers who turned out for the latest club match which was pegged in the Paddocks section.

Winner of the match and on peg 1 was John Balhatchet. John weighed in an excellent 18lb 7oz which consisted of a Tench around the 5lb mark, a cracking Perch of 3lb 10oz and several other decent sized perch, roach and skimmers which he caught on both pole and feeder rod. John also lost a bream he thought was pushing double figures, which as he got it to the surface rolled and managed to shake the hook before he could net it.

In total contrast to Johns winning catch and in second place from peg 8 was NNAC s very own Hadrian Whittle and ‘tiddler basher’ Matt Webb whose weight of 9lb 15oz consisted of 394 fish, most caught in the last four hours of the match, mainly bleak and small dace caught at 2ft deep at a short rod length out.

Completing the frame and in third place from peg 12 was Brian Beard whose 9lb 6oz was a mixed bag of roach and perch caught on maggot.

On a reasonable day everyone caught fish, some decent roach did show in most pegs but not in great numbers on this occasion.

1st – John Balhatchet       18lb 7oz

2nd –Matt Webb                9lb 15oz

3rd – Brian Beard              9lb 6oz




Club Match  – River Nene, Oundle   – 11th October 2015

                                        ‘Eales and Perch come out on top’

 23 anglers fished the latest club match fished on the Nene at Oundle which turned out to be hard going for most.

It was a lovely autumnal day although the river was quite clear with streamer weed visible. Each angler had a decent peg length to fish, the match pegged from the town bridge across two large fields either side of the road bridge.

Bob Eales won the match from one of the early pegs with 6lb 7oz mainly of perch caught on pieces of worm. In second place and not too far away from Bob was Mick Goodridge who had a mixed bag for 6lb 3oz. Completing the frame was Dave Gibbins whose 4lb consisted mainly of 3 eels. Section prizes went to Andy Law/ Andy Kimpton both with 3lb 13oz (Pegs 1-11) and Les Goodridge 3lb 9oz (Pegs 12 -23).

1st – Bob Eales                6lb 7oz

2nd –Mick Goodridge      6lb 3oz

3rd – Dave Gibbins          4lb 0oz

Club Match  – Canons Ashby – Top Lake   – 20th September 2015

                                           ‘Waynes in a world of his own’

 Another good turnout saw 23 anglers fish the latest club match.

Wayne Robinson took the honours finishing with 76lb 2oz, more than double the weight of second place. Wayne managed to net 8 decent carp and some skimmers from peg 12 for his winning weight. In second place was Bob Eales, peg 30, who was struggling for a bite until the last part of the match when he landed 3 big margin carp for 37lb 8oz and second place. In third place was Phil Steele, peg 23, with 5 carp for 30lb.

1st – Wayne Robinson       76lb 2oz

2nd –Bob Eales                   37lb 8oz

3rd – Phil Steele                 30lb 0oz


Club Match  – Bishops Bowl – Marshes 1&2   – 6th September 2015

                                           ‘John takes top spot on the day’

 The latest club match saw 24 anglers around the two 15 peg Marshes lakes at  Bishops Bowl Fishery.

Winner on the day was John Talbot who drew peg 5 on Marshes 1 with 40lb 4oz of mainly carp. Sitting next to John on peg 6 and second on the day was Kevin Elliott with 33lb. Bob Eales completed the frame with 32lb 14oz from peg 24 on Marshes 2. Prizes were also awarded for best on each lake outside the top 3 and these went to George Cooke on Marshes 1 (peg 4) with 28lbs and a tie on Marshes 2 with both Darren Pannell and Les Goodridge catching 31lb.

1st – John Talbot                40lb 4oz

2nd –Kevin Elliott              33lb

3rd – Bob Eales                  32lb 14oz



Club Match  – Flecknoe   – 23rd August 2015

                                       ‘Fish on the whistle tips it for Kev’

 The latest club match was fished by 23 anglers on a day that started off warm and breezy and finished in steady rain.

Plenty of fish were being caught, and lost, by those anglers who drew around the islands at the bottom end of the lake, those who were fishing off and around the dam wall found the fish a little harder to come by.

Kevin Elliott had drawn around the island and made the most of this netting carp to 8lb, mainly on the pole, for a winning weight of 72lb 10oz, his last carp being played as the ‘all out’ came. Next to Kevin and only a couple of pound behind him with 70lb 6oz was James Harris who also caught carp to 8lb but on the method feeder. Completing the frame from noted peg 1 was Barry Harris who weighed in 53lb of carp.

Three sections were also paid on the day, these going to Gerald Green 51lb, Andy Law 49lb and Mick Goodridge 38lb 6oz.

1st – Kevin Elliott         72lb 10oz

2nd –James Harris         70lb 6oz

3rd – Barry Harris          53lb 0oz


Club Match  – Stockton Reservoir   – 9th August 2015

                                        ‘George finds the right method’

 23 anglers turned out for the latest club match fished at Stockton Reservoir which turned out to be hard going for most.

Only 10 weights of over 10lb were recorded with quite a few big carp in the 15lb plus bracket being lost and smaller fish hard to come by.

George Cooke managed to net 5 decent carp on the method feeder to record a winning weight of 34lb. John Broughton had a mixed net of carp and crucians for 23lb 2oz and second place with Kevin Elliott completing the frame with a similar net of fish for 20lb 12oz.

1st – George Cooke         34lb

2nd –John Broughton       23lb 2oz

3rd – Kevin Elliott           20lb 12oz



 Club Match  – Waterloo   – 26th July 2015

                ‘John beats John to take top spot on the day’

 The latest club match saw 19 anglers around the main lake at Waterloo fishery which has been a regular feature in the match calendar over recent years.

It turned out to be a good match with lots of carp and barbel being caught and with 10 weights of over 40lb weighing in.

Top rod on the day was John Broughton who netted 90lb of carp up to 14lb along with 32lb of barbel to register 122lb on the scales and first place. Nearly 40lb behind and in second place was John Talbot who caught carp up to 10lb mainly on worm for 84lb 2oz and second place. Completing the frame with a mixed net of carp and barbel was Paul Ramsden with 65lb 2oz.

Paul Minney caught 13 barbel for 40lb 10oz, averaging over 3lb a fish which shows how quickly they have grown in recent years. Chris Howard had his top three section snap as he was landing a 4lb plus barbel.

1st – John Broughton         122lb

2nd –John Talbot                 84lb 2oz

3rd – Paul Ramsden             65lb 2oz


Club Match  – Dog Lane Fishery   – 19th July 2015

                                           ‘Tony pips Chris to first place’

 The latest club match saw 23 anglers around the 30 peg Widgeon match lake at Dog Lane Fishery.

The day was warm with the odd sunny spell and a blustery wind blowing down the lake which made control of the pole difficult at times.

Bites and fish were hard to come by during the early parts of the match, the odd carp coming on the feeder or pole line.

At the far end of the lake with the wind at their backs sat Tony Hirst and Chris Howard, and it was these two anglers that contested the outcome of the match.

Winner on the day was Tony Hirst who caught 18 carp for a winning weight of 40lb 10oz . Only one fish behind Tony was Chris Howard who caught 12 carp and some skimmers for 39lb 4oz and second place and completing the frame was Andy Jones who caught 8 carp, most on the pellet waggler, for 30lb 2oz.

1st – Tony Hirst        40lb 10oz

2nd –Chris Howard   39lb 4oz

3rd – Andy Jones      30lb 2oz


     Club Match  – Flecknoe   – 5th July 2015

                                       ‘John takes top spot on the day’

 The latest club match saw 21 anglers around the lake at Flecknoe which has been a regular feature in the match calendar over recent years.

In the dry conditions most anglers were able to drive their car and park behind their pegs which made transporting the kit to the peg a lot easier.

Plenty of carp could be seen cruising around in the top layers of the lake but initially they didn’t seem too interested in the various offerings put in front of them.

Fish were being caught on the deck in the early stages, either straight lead or method feeder and as the match progressed they rose in the water and were being caught shallow. Some anglers found success in the margins late on in the match.

Winner on the day was John Broughton who drew the well known and fancied peg 25 and made the most of his draw by catching 99lb of carp. Opposite John on peg 1 was George Minards who weighed in 47lb of carp and second place and completing the frame was Andy Jones who drew the dam wall and caught 44lb of carp, most on the pellet waggler.

1st – John Broughton         99lb

2nd –George Minards         47lb

3rd – Andy Jones                44lb



 Club Match  – Brickyard Lake, Castle Ashby   – 28th June 2015

                               ‘The light touch does it for Darren’

The latest club match saw 22 anglers around the picturesque Brickyard Lake on the Castle Ashby complex.

After the recent warm and sunny spell the match started in wet and breezy conditions (one umbrella was seen dancing across the lake surface early on after being picked up by the gusty wind).

Pegging was quite tight around the lake and the pressure of the anglers seemed to distract the fish as not many were being caught in the early stages of the match, bites were at a premium.

Various tactics and baits were tried to tempt the reluctant fish into having a go and it was Darren Pannell who came up with the winning method on the day, scaling right down to a size 20 hook and fishing a single maggot on balanced pole tackle to net 27lb of mainly small carp (although he did lose a double figure carp towards the end) and 5lb of silvers for 32lb 11oz and first place.

Phil Steele weighed 27lb 11oz of mainly carp and was ruing several lost carp in the last 30 minutes to finish in second place. Phil also broke a pole section during the match.

Completing the frame was Mick Goodridge who fished the pole at 14m to land 6 decent bream on worm for 23lb 3oz.


1st – Darren Pannell         32lb 14oz

2nd –Phil Steele                27lb 11oz

3rd – Mick Goodridge      23lb  3oz



                       Club Match  – Barby Banks   – 24th May 2015

                          ‘Les takes top spot in a close finish’

In the opening club match of the season 13 anglers fished on a bright and warm day. The carp were certainly in a feeding mood and as many were lost as were caught in the various lily pads on the venue, Chris Howard reckons he lost around 15 fish!

Les Ramsden caught a good net of carp up to 10lb on meat and pellet mostly close in that weighed 60lb 8oz for top spot on the day. This was just 12oz in front of Bob Eales who also weighed in a decent catch of 59lb 12oz for second place. Completing the frame was John Talbot with 48lb 4oz.

1st – Les Ramsden –      60lb 8oz

2nd –Bob Eales              59lb 12oz

3rd – John Talbot          48lb  4oz


                 Club Match  – Bishops Bowl, White Bishop   – 7th June 2015

                              Bream provide the winning ticket for Chris

On a very hot and sunny day at Bishops Bowl the resident carp, in the main, were not in the feeding mood as the recent spell of warm weather had meant spawning time had arrived.

Many of the 23 anglers struggled for bites throughout the day with only the odd fish being caught in the early stages of the match.

Chris Howard decided on a different approach and constantly fed maggot and hemp to eventually attract bream and tench into his swim were he caught around 10 bream to 2.5lb and a couple of tench to record a weight of 27lb 10oz which was enough for first place on the day.

Darren Pannell managed to catch several of the elusive carp, up to 10lb, on pellet waggler to weigh in 24lb 6oz for second place. John Broughton had a good last hour or so of the match and caught several carp in the margins to record 22lb 4oz and third place.

1st – Chris Howard –      27lb 10oz

2nd –Darren Pannell       24lb 6oz

3rd – John Brougton       22lb  4oz
Canal & River trust & Angling Trust canal qualifier held on GUC at Grafton Regis and Yardley Gobion on Sunday 3rd May

The 5 qualifying pairs were Tony Hulme with 8 pounds 6 ounces from A1 at Bozenham a couple of Bream and a few smaller skimmers and Mark Mines from peg B30 at Yardley:-

Tony Hulme & Mark Mines

2nd Martin Colver on peg A6 with 5 pounds 10 ounces and Alan Robinson from peg B37 with 5 pounds 14 ounces

Martin Colver & Alan Robinson

3rd Pete Laughton with 5 pounds 14 ounces of skimmer Bream from B40 and Andy Webster with 4 pounds 13 ounces from A40.


Pete Laughton & Andy Webster

4th qualifying pair were Ben Garbett with 13 pounds 11ounces from A22 and overall top weight including 4 Bream to 3 pounds and a few skimmer Bream and his partner was Ian Hingley on peg B38 with 3 pounds 6 ounces

5th pair were Steve Clark on peg A35 with 3 pounds 5 ounces and Barry Oliver on peg B8 with 6 pounds 1 ounce

Steve Clark & Barry Oliver

Ben Garbett carefully playing one of his Bream

Ben Garbett after weigh in with his catch

80 Anglers fished this qualifying round along the GUC with top weight 13lb 11ozs made up of proper bream plus bits, the day was a bit mixed with in some areas anglers struggling to pick up a few fish although quite a few nets were recorded around 3 to 6 lb in weights.

Matthew Webb with a couple of decent perch on the day.



Club match points after 15 matches – final points for 2014 – 15


1st John Balhatchet  177 points

2nd Dave Gibbins     173 points

3rd Les Ramsden       172 points











Club Match – GUC – Furnace Lane – 15th March 2015

The final club match of the 14/15 season was attended by 16 anglers and was fished from the brambles at Furnace Lane going back towards the bridge. The first eight pegs were in reasonable shelter but from then on the other anglers had to contend with a cold easterly wind.

Fishing on the day proved to be very hard with any early bites dramatically ending after about an hour of the match and only a few big fish being caught towards the end of the match.

At the final whistle seven anglers did not weigh in and yet again the probable main factor behind these dry nets was the presence of zander in the stretch. Several were caught throughout the match including four in a row by Les Wallis, all around four ounces each.

On peg 15 was Pete Laughton who caught two big Perch and a few bits, mainly on worm, for a winning weight of 5lb 3oz. Second on peg 1 was George Mineards, who had two good fish including a bream at around 3lb and a perch, but who also lost two decent bream late in the match, one estimated to be around 4lb. Completing the frame in third place and despite the presence of numerous zander in his peg was Les Wallis on peg 13 who managed 3lb 15oz, one decent perch and a few bits on worm.

As this was the final club match the club championship was at stake and despite not framing this time around John Balhatchet (177 points) held on to the slender lead he had built up over recent weeks to take the honours from Dave Gibbins (173 points)  in second place ad Les Ramsden (172 points) in third place, well done John.

1st – Pete Laughton –      5lb 3oz

2nd – George Mineards – 4lb 0oz

3rd – Les Wallis   –         3lb 15oz

Club Match  – GUC- Heyford New Bridge   – 22nd February 2015

                                  ‘Stripeys give Baz top spot on the day’

The penultimate club match was held on the GUC at Heyford New Bridge section (in between Nether Heyford and Flore) on a bright, cold and blustery day which by the end of the match had seen the skies turn dark grey and with it bring persistent rain. There was ice on certain areas of the match length to start but this soon cleared as the match got underway.

The area along this match length that has produced good weights over the years and where a good draw would put you in with a chance was opposite the marina. And so it proved with eventual winner Baz Eaton (peg 5) and third place Brian Beard (peg 6) both drawing in this area.

Throughout the match bites were hard to come by for all, which can be partly attributed to overnight frost and cold water but also to the now familiar presence of zander in the canal. Eight were caught during the match!

Baz Eaton caught three decent perch and a skimmer for 4lb 9oz and first place. On end peg 12 Les Wallace came second catching the majority of his fish in the first 45 minutes of the match and finished with 2lb 9oz of roach and skimmers. Brian Beard completed the frame with five skimmers in the 6oz-8oz bracket for 2lb 6oz and third place.

1st – Baz Eaton –      4lb 9oz

2nd –Les Wallace     2lb 9oz

3rd – Brian Beard     2lb 6oz


Club Match  – GUC- Castlethorpe   – 11th January 2015

                    ‘Net of silvers ensures a ‘Matt’ finish’

 The latest joint club match between Towcester DAA and NNAC was held on the GUC at Castlethorpe on a cold and windy day. Fortunately the cold wind was at the anglers backs making fishing a little more comfortable than it could have been.

The form area on this stretch from previous matches was opposite the moored boats which covered the first half dozen or so pegs of the match length and so it proved again with the majority of the top weights coming from this section.

Those anglers that drew pegs in second half of the match length really struggled to catch and indeed several failed to register a bite at all!

Matt Webb made the most of his draw pulling out peg 4 on the boats. He caught steadily throughout the match finally registering 102 fish for 4lb exactly and first place. Kev Elliot on peg 1 also had a net of small silvers for 3lb 10oz and second place. On peg 9 John Balhatchet managed to snare a 2lb plus Perch and along with a few silvers weighed in 3lb exactly and third place.

Other anglers who managed a few pound of fish on a very tough day were Dave Gibbins and Brian Beard in the early pegs who both managed 2lb plus of fish as did Les Ramsden on end peg 19.

1st – Matt Webb –           4lb 0oz

2nd –Kev Elliott              3lb 10oz

3rd – John Balhatchet     3lb  0oz


Club Match (F&F) – GUC- Banbury Lane   – 14th December 2014

                                         ‘Beard wins it by a whisker’

The annual Fur & Feather match was held on the clubs Banbury Lane stretch of the GUC on a cold morning with a chilling breeze blowing down the canal.

Eighteen anglers lined the towpath either side of the new road bridge going down towards the bridge at Gayton.

This section of the canal had recently seen several hundred pounds of silver fish introduced by the Canal and River Trust as part of a restocking programme so it was hoped that all participants would have a decent day.

Unfortunately bites were very hard to come by, six anglers did not weigh in and several others only had one bite resulting in one fish. Of those that did not weigh in a couple of anglers did catch a species that was probably the reason for the lack of fish caught, zander! (zander do not count in club matches).

After finishing second in the previous club match Brain Beard went one better this time and won a very close match with 3lb 12oz, his weight made up of four skimmers, two caught on bread punch and two on worm.

Baz Eaton was only three ounces behind Brian with three perch caught on worm for 3lb 9oz and just one ounce behind Baz was Dave Gibbins, again with a net of worm caught perch for 3lb 8oz. Completing the frame and two ounces further back was John Balhatchet with two perch for 3lb 6oz.

There were three prizes for each section of five anglers so despite the lack of fish caught most participants has something to take home for their efforts.

1st – Brian Beard –          3lb 12oz

2nd –Baz Eaton               3lb  9oz

3rd – Dave Gibbins –       3lb  8oz

4th – John Balhatchet      3lb  6oz


Club Match – GUC- Grafton Regis  – 30th November 2014

                        ‘Howards way is enough for victory’

 This was the latest of the joint matches between anglers from Northampton Nene AC and Towcester DAA.

Twenty Four anglers lined the towpath from the bridge back towards Bozenham.

Chris Howard won the match with 5lb 14oz, his weight made up of 12 fish, 8 skimmers up to 2lb caught on bread punch and worm and 4 perch up to a 1lb caught on worm, all fish coming in the first 2 hours of the match.

Brian Beard wasn’t too far behind in second place with 5lb 4oz consisting of skimmers and perch. Ron Coles managed to tempt a decent perch around the 2lb mark on a tiny piece of worm and with some smaller specimens and a few roach and skimmers weighed 4lb 14oz and third place.

A fourth place payout went to Les Ramsden who had 2 big roach, a decent skimmer and a few bits for 3lb 8oz.

Two section payments were also made, those going to Ron Collins who was only 2oz from a fourth place payout with 3lb 6oz, and Baz Eaton who weighed in 2lb 12oz.

The majority of the other anglers struggled to find fish and there were several DNWs as the last few hours of the match saw hardly any fish caught.

1st – Chris Howard –          5lb 14oz

2nd –Brian Beard                5lb 4oz

3rd – Ron Coles –                4lb 14oz

4th – Les Ramsden              3lb  8oz


Club Match – GUC- Yardley Gobion  – 16th November 2014

                               ‘John is a ‘cut’ above the rest’

 This was the latest of the joint matches between anglers from Northampton Nene AC and Towcester DAA.

Twenty Six anglers lined the towpath, thirteen either side of the bridge, on a dull but mild day for the time of year.

John Balhatchet made the most of his draw, fishing opposite the marina, to land a decent net of skimmers and several large perch weighing exactly 13lb at the scales and win the match by almost 5lb. Not far from John was Matthew Webb, who caught steadily throughout the day with most of his 50 or so fish being skimmers between 3oz and 6oz. Matt weighed in 8lb 10oz for second place. Pete Laughton drew the other side of the bridge and fished a decent match to end with a mixed bag for 6lb and third place.

Two section payments were also made, those going to Andy Webster who wasn’t far off from third place with 5lb 5oz, and Paul Ramsden who weighed in 4lb 11oz.

The majority of the other anglers weighed in 2-3lb of fish and boat traffic was very light so a fairly decent day was had by all.

1st – John Balhatchet –          13lb 0oz

2nd –Matt Webb –                   8lb 10oz

3rd – Pete Laughton –             6lb  0oz


Club Match – Stockton Reservoir  – 14th September 2014

    ‘Lance runs through the field to take the honours’

 This was the first of two joint matches between anglers from Northampton Nene AC and Towcester DAA to be fished on this venue, the next match being in mid October.

Twenty Seven anglers lined two banks around the reservoir on a bright and sunny day.

The carp in this water are of a larger stamp than most venues and not many are needed to build a substantial weight.

Lance Chubb only required nine fish for his winning weight, a few coming on the straight lead to start with the rest being caught on the pellet waggler.

Two pegs down from Lance, Gerald Green landed a similar number of fish on the method feeder for his second place weight and a few pegs along from Gerald, Brian Beard also caught his fish on the method feeder for third place.

Two section payments were also made, those going to Kevin Nightingale who just missed out on third place with 54lb 8oz, and Paul Ramsden who weighed in 45lb.

1st – Lance Chubb –          83lb 12oz

2nd –Gerald Green –          73lb 8oz

3rd – Brian Beard –           58lb  14oz



Club Match – White Bishop Lake, Bishops Bowl  – 24th August 2014

                                     ‘Gerald finds the right method’

  It was a warm day with sunny spells and a light breeze and the eleven anglers were pegged on the far bank of the lake, pegs 14 – 26.

On the day the lake fished very well with most anglers weighing in over 20lbs.

However, it was Gerald Green, peg 16, who caught carp up to 8lb and some skimmer bream around the 2lb mark on the method feeder to record a winning weight of 70lb 2oz.

Close on Geralds heels and in second place and who probably needed one more decent carp was Dave Gibbins, peg 14, who fished the straight lead to catch carp up to 10lb and just fall short of first place with a weight of 67lb 14oz.

Bob Eales completed the frame with a net of carp and skimmers caught close in to the reeds on the pole weighing 41lb 14oz

Most anglers who fished for carp close to the reeds lost fish as they shot into rushes and snagged the line. Chris Howard opted to fish for roach and caught 177 fish mostly on hemp, along with a couple of skimmers and a tench for 29lb 6oz

1st –   Gerald Green –    70lb 2oz

2nd –  Dave Gibbins –    67lb 14oz

3rd   – Bob Eales –         41lb 14oz


Club Match – Toft Farm Fishery, Silver Lake  – 17th August 2014

                         ‘Keep it in the family, Paul and Les take top spots’

 After a disappointing match on this venue in early June, club members were hoping for better things to come second time around. There was a slight improvement in the top weights compared to the first match but generally for the time of year the venue fished poorly.

The fifteen anglers had to contend with a twenty minute spell of driving rain and strong winds whilst setting up. Fortunately the rain stopped but the blustery winds continued throughout the match.

Dick Shellard and Andy Kimpton both found out to their cost how strong the wind was at times. Dick lost several sections of his pole as the wind lifted them off of his rest and blew them straight into the water where they sank before he could retrieve them. Andy cracked two of his sections battling with the elements.

Bites were hard to come by for most throughout the match and due to the strong wind the long pole to the far side reeds was not possible so most anglers had to settle for fishing down the track or the margins.

It was in the margins that Paul Ramsden, peg 8, had a profitable last hour landing several decent carp to boost his weight to 32lb 10oz and first place. Pauls dad Les was on peg 11 and caught several carp and some silvers for 28lb 14oz and second place. Completing the frame and on the end peg was Tosh Saunders who had put a decent run of small carp together but just fell short of second place finishing with 28lb 6oz.

Just outside the frame were John Balhatchet and Simon Cordingley who finished with 27lb and 26lb respectively.

1st – Paul Ramsden –          32lb 10oz

2nd –Les Ramsden –            28lb 14oz

3rd – Tosh Saunders –         28lb  6oz


10/01/13 During the last week or so anglers have been out and about through our canal stretch with some fair bags recorded. Neil fishing down at Grafton was having a fair day early on catching perch sprinkled with a few small chub, the perch ranging from 12ozs up to 1 and 1/4 lbs until the cut started pushing through. By switching to the lead he managed to winkle out a few perch more although catch rate dropped, all fish came to double red maggot.  Up at Stoke a couple of lads had bags of skimmers weighing in excess of 15lbs and 8lbs. Up at Heyford the Nene open recorded top three weights from 9lb 8oz to 6lb7oz. Make the most of it as we have cold weather and snow forecast for this weekend.

14/12/12 during the last week the Nene lads fished Stoke long pound and 7lb 1oz was top weight with 5lb 4oz coming second. The cut is still patchy with some areas still coming up with blanks. As of writing today although currently raining some areas are frozen over.

10/12/12 The canal has been very erratic over the last week or so with some areas reporting catches up to 6lb and other areas coming up with dry nets. The Nene lads had up to 6lb 1oz top weight at Grafton Willows  while a local match at Heyford saw 9 out of 13 anglers blanking whilst top weight only reached 1lb 6oz. (mainly one perch).

25/11/12  More bad news reached us this week with the finding of another alien visitor to our waters which has currently been found in the Grand Union Canal. All anglers can do their bit by using a bit of common sense, Please do not move fish, water or plants between different waters.  Although this visitor has so far only been found in the canal we must remember that the canal allows water to get into the rivers Tove,  Ouzel and feeds directly into the Nene via the Northampton arm so anything we can do to stop its spread is very important. We have put a new page on our website for invasive species and info from the EA about how to protect against this new pest is shown. We will also place other info on the page as and when it becomes available.

18/11/12 during this previous week and including this weekend various pleasure anglers have been picking up varied mixed bags with skimmers to 12ozs perch to 2lb 8ozs and roach. With the onset of the cold weather squats and pinkies are coming in to their own.

The canal was very hard going on the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of November with weights of 4lb winning a local match at heyford and 3lb 8oz winning the Nene Open at Stoke long pound.   The Nene lads fished Furnace lane at Heyford this weekend (11/11/12) with 6lb winning the day with caster being the killer bait.


Club Match – Waterloo Farm  – 3rd August  2014

                                              ‘Dave tames the beasts’

  The club had been allocated pegs 1-19 for the latest club match fished on the main lake at Waterloo Farm. Five pegs were left out so as to more easily accommodate the 14 anglers.

The day was warm, but with a constant breeze blowing down the lake which for some made it difficult to fish the long pole as the wind was quite strong at times.

Dave Gibbins had drawn end peg 19 at the far end of the lake where the margins were thick with rushes and he made the most of this feature fishing meat to catch several double figure carp amongst his winning weight of 84lb 4oz. Dave reckons he lost almost as many of these ‘lumps’as he caught, and tackle as well, as the snared fish shot immediately into the dense reed bed and wouldn’t budge!

Not far from Dave was Dick Shellard who had his feeder rod broken by the first fish he hooked, a Barbel! These fish stocked several years ago have now grown to a fair size, 3-4lb, and give a great account of themselves as several other anglers found out during the match. Dick ended up with 30lb plus of carp plus a mixed net of barbel and crucian carp for third place.

Towards the other end of the match length Gerald Green put together a nice net of carp which weighed 51lb plus some silvers to make his weight up to 57lb 8oz and second place.


1st –   Dave Gibbins –          84lb 4oz

2nd –  Gerald Green –           57lb 8oz

3rd  – Dick Shellard –          46lb 2oz


Club Match – The Marshes 1&2, Bishops Bowl  – 20th July 2014                

                                              ‘Darren does it again’

 For the second joint club match between NNAC and Towcester & District Angling Association (T&DAA), the winner as in the first match was Darren Pannell and with a virtually identical weight of 47lb.

 On a warm and humid day, 24 anglers from NNAC and T&DAA occupied the 26 available pegs on both lakes, with two pegs being left out on Marshes 1 so that there were 12 anglers on each lake.

It was slow going in the first hour or so for most with bites being hard to come by. However as the feed began to go in and the match progressed the catch rate increased with a variety of fish being caught by all including carp, crucians, tench, roach, skimmer bream and even some small barbel and chub.

The carp were mainly of a small stamp in the 1lb – 2lb bracket but fought like fish four or five times their size when hooked and would shoot off like a torpedo.  Andy Law and Gerald Green both lost sections of their poles during the match as the lively carp shot into the reeds, snaring the end tackle amongst the roots and when pulling back to retrieve the poles off came the sections! Both pole sections were recovered, Gerald going in after his and Shaun the owner donning his chest waders to retrieve Andys.

All three top weights in the match came from Marshes 2. As mentioned first was Darren Pannell on peg 21 weighed in 47lb of mainly small carp with a few silvers, John Balhatchet was second on peg 19 had a similar catch but for 40lb 2oz as did Simon Cordingley on peg 26 with 38lb 4oz who came third.

There was also a section prize for each lake for the best catch outside the top 3 and on Marshes 1 it went to Dave Gibbins with 36lb 12oz and on Marshes 2 Dave Smart took the honours with 26lb 10oz.

The next joint match between the two clubs takes place at Stockton Reservoir on September 14th.


1st –   Darren Pannell –          47lb 0oz

2nd –  John Balhatchet –         40lb 2oz

3rd  – Simon Cordingley –      38lb 4oz



Club Match – White Bishop Lake, Bishops Bowl  – 29th June 2014

                                     ‘Darren takes top spot on the day’

 This was the first in a number of matches this season fished jointly between NNAC and Towcester & District Angling Association (T&DAA)

 On a sunny and warm day with a light breeze, 10 anglers from NNAC and 10 anglers from T&DAA lined the banks of White Bishop Lake, the venue having been moved from The Cliffs due to access problems.

Generally the match fished hard for most but top rod on the day was Darren Pannell (T&DAA) on peg 9 who caught mainly carp to around the 10lb mark using 6mm pellet in conjunction with the pellet waggler for 47lb 6oz

Joint second with 34lb 6oz and sitting next to each other on pegs 12 and 13 were Les Ramsden (NNAC) and Mick Goodridge (T&DAA). Les had carp and bream on the method feeder and Mick had mainly carp on the pole.

Mick may have had a few more fish had he not had some tackle trauma when his bait tray fell into the lake but fortunately he managed to retrieve all of the soaked items and if that wasn’t bad enough he also had  his pole pulled into the lake but was lucky enough that the fish attached to his end tackle swam into a corner where Mick was able to walk round get his pole back!


1st –   Darren Pannell –          47lb 6oz

2nd –  Les Ramsden –            34lb 6oz

2nd  –Mick Goodridge –         34lb 6oz



Club Match – Toft Farm Fishery, Silver Lake  – 1st June 2014

                      ‘Dave takes top spot on a disappointing day at Toft’

 The first club match of the new season was fished by 18 anglers on a sunny and warm day which made a pleasant change from the wet and dismal week which had proceeded the match.

The club matched fished on this venue last season had produced some excellent weights so expectations of a good net of fish for all were high second time around.

Unfortunately on the day it fished very poorly with several anglers struggling for bites. Whether it was a combination of the cold wet week leading up to the match combined with the fish either about to or just finished spawning its hard to say but the weights were well down on last year with several anglers not weighing in at all.

At one end of the match length pegged next to each other in the early 30s were Dave Gibbins, Gerald Green and Bob Eales who all managed to find some fish on various methods and baits and these were the top three in that order until the scales got to Simon Cordingley on peg 10 who had also found several small carp and F1s mainly fishing to the far side reeds and he edged out Gerald Green into second place which meant Bob Eales just missed out on a top three finish with 17lb 2oz.

The club have another match on this venue later on in the summer, lets hope the fish have got their heads down by then!

1st – Dave Gibbins –          23lb 12oz

2nd –Simon Cordingley –   22lb 6oz

3rd – Gerald Green –          17lb 12oz



Trophies awarded at NNAC AGM

John Balhatchet and Steve Johnson collect trophies for 1st and 2nd in the NNAC points series

Club Match – Long Pound – Stoke Bruerne , GUC  – 23rd February 2014

                                           ‘Brian takes the honours’

 The club championship was up for grabs with Paul Ramsden leading the way, John Balhatchet a close second and Dave Gibbins  in third place going into the final club match of the season.

The match was fished in blustery conditions, the wind fortunately on the anglers backs with some shelter provided by the towpath hedge.

Bites were hard to come by for most of the eleven anglers throughout the match as the number of small fish normally associated with canals were just not there and the majority of fish that were caught were of a reasonable stamp.

Brian Beard drew fancied peg 4 on the bushes and made the most of his draw by landing three decent perch all around the 2lb mark, catching them on worm and double red maggot at about 13m up against the bushes. Brian weighed in 6lb 4oz which was enough for first place on the day.

At the far end of the match length, Dave Gibbins on peg 10 had a decent net of perch and skimmers caught on caster and worm for 5lb 10oz and second place and next to him on end peg 11 Ron Collins had a good net of skimmers with a few roach caught on bread punch for 5lb and third place.

For the top two in the points table, John Balhatchet weighed in 1lb 7oz and Paul Ramsden 6oz, but despite finishing outside the top three in this match, Chris Howard (Match Secretary) confirmed afterwards that the standings going into the match had remained the same with congratulations going to Paul Ramsden for winning this years championship and also well done to runner up John Balhatchet and Dave Gibbins in third place.

1st – Brian Beard –       6lb 4oz

2nd –Dave Gibbins –     5lb 10oz

3rd – Ron Collins –       5lb 0oz




Club Match – Northampton Arm , GUC  – 9th February 2014

                                       ‘Baz punches his way to victory  ’

 The latest club match, originally scheduled for Yardley Wharf, was moved to Furnace Lane and ended up being fished on the clubs Northampton Arm stretch of the GUC at Bridge 3 near Rothersthorpe. The high winds and rain had forced a change of venue to somewhere that had reasonable shelter.

This stretch of the canal had a high hedge on the towpath side and bushes on the far side to provide the eleven anglers with reasonable comfort in which to fish the match.

Being the penultimate match of the season and valuable points at stake for the top three in the club championship, several of those in contention were keen to do well and hoped that the fish were keen to feed.

For most however the fish didn’t show and only those anglers that fished bread punch found some success managing to catch mainly roach.

Baz Eaton on peg 9 caught fairly steadily throughout the match ending up with 3lb 9oz and first place. Chris Howard at the other end of the match length caught all his fish towards the far shelf and was only a few ounces behind Baz with 3lb 2oz. Completing the top three was Andy Law who found the roach early on but couldn’t keep them coming and ended up with 1lb 15oz.


1st – Baz Eaton –           3lb 9oz

2nd –Chris Howard –     3lb 2oz

3rd – Andy Law –          1lb 15oz



Club Match – F&F- GUC – Banbury Lane  – 15th December 2013

                               ‘Ron beats the predators to record F&F win  ’

 On a wet and windy day, the 15 anglers not only had to put up with the atrocious weather conditions but were also plagued throughout the match by the latest invasive species to turn up in the GUC, Zander!

It was estimated that around 15 of these predators, mostly around the 1lb mark, were landed during the match, 7 of them alone caught by Tom Newbury who got so fed up with them in his swim that he packed up half way through the match as his chances of catching a net of silvers were all but over.

The club had recently introduced 740lb of silver fish into this section of the canal and it may be that the zander thought Christmas lunch had come early and were shoaled in this area, hence the numbers being caught during the match.

However, at the far end of the match length (peg 15) Ron Collins had managed to avoid the Zs and put together a winning net of skimmers and perch to record 6lb 9oz. Brian Beard on peg 11 also had a similar net of fish to finish in second place with 4lb 14oz and two pegs along from him Baz Eaton caught a few decent perch to weigh 4lb 10oz.

In a close finish for a place in the top three on the day Chris Howard caught 27 roach on bread punch to finish a few ounces behind Baz and Brian with 4lb 8oz.

As it was the Fur & Feather, the match was split into three sections, so most anglers on the day received a prize, whether a voucher or a tin of sweets.

1st – Ron Collins –      6lb 9oz

2nd –Brian Beard –     4lb 14oz

3rd – Baz Eaton –       4lb 10oz

Club Match – F&F- GUC – Banbury Lane  – 15th December 2013

                               ‘Ron beats the predators to record F&F win  ’

 On a wet and windy day, the 15 anglers not only had to put up with the atrocious weather conditions but were also plagued throughout the match by the latest invasive species to turn up in the GUC, Zander!

It was estimated that around 15 of these predators, mostly around the 1lb mark, were landed during the match, 7 of them alone caught by Tom Newbury who got so fed up with them in his swim that he packed up half way through the match as his chances of catching a net of silvers were all but over.

The club had recently introduced 740lb of silver fish into this section of the canal and it may be that the zander thought Christmas lunch had come early and were shoaled in this area, hence the numbers being caught during the match.

However, at the far end of the match length (peg 15) Ron Collins had managed to avoid the Zs and put together a winning net of skimmers and perch to record 6lb 9oz. Brian Beard on peg 11 also had a similar net of fish to finish in second place with 4lb 14oz and two pegs along from him Baz Eaton caught a few decent perch to weigh 4lb 10oz.

In a close finish for a place in the top three on the day Chris Howard caught 27 roach on bread punch to finish a few ounces behind Baz and Brian with 4lb 8oz.

As it was the Fur & Feather, the match was split into three sections, so most anglers on the day received a prize, whether a voucher or a tin of sweets.

1st – Ron Collins –      6lb 9oz

2nd –Brian Beard –     4lb 14oz

3rd – Baz Eaton –       4lb 10oz

Club Match – River Ouse, Newton Blossomville – 17th November 2013

                                        ‘Andy takes the honours ’

Misty rain but a much milder day than expected greeted the anglers for the latest club match on the Paddocks section of the clubs water at Newton Blossomville.

The river looked in perfect condition with some colour, a gentle flow and the odd fish topping.

However, early signs were not good with only the odd fish being caught throughout the match length. Various tactics were employed, some anglers switching to the straight lead and feeder tactics, others fishing the waggler or stick float and most fishing the pole at various lengths and depths to try and locate the elusive fish.

The most successful approach of the day was to feed plenty of ground bait and fish over the top with maggot. This tactic was adopted by the top three rods on the day and also by some others who were not as successful.

Andy Webster took the honours on the day weighing in 9lb 6oz from Peg 1, which included a lovely Perch of 3lb 4oz, which led Andy a merry dance on his light elastic, along with a mixed bag of roach, dace and chublets. On the next peg to Andy, Pete Laughton also had a mixed bag of fish and if not for Mr Perch would have pushed Andy close. Down on peg 9 Brian Beard found 4lb of roach using red and bronze maggot and double pinkie as hook bait to take third place.

Several anglers despite catching a few small fish did not weigh in on a disappointing day on the Ouse for most.

1st – Andy Webster – 9lb 6oz

2nd –Pete Laughton – 5lb 4oz

3rd – Brian Beard – 4lb 1oz

Club Match – Long Pound, Stoke Bruerne – 27th October 2013

                                        ‘A day of bream and barges ’

 On a blustery day the 14 anglers just about managed to squeeze in between the many boats that were moored up tight along the long pound in readiness for the predicted storm.

All was going well for the first 30 minutes or so and most were catching consistently that is until further barges arrived looking to moor up and jockey for position in the vacant spaces. This particularly the case at the far end of the match length as boats revved their engines churning up the canal turning the water a dirty brown and black colour as well as swinging across right in front of the anglers in that section putting pay to any chance of a decent net of fish.

Andy Law had managed to net 3lb of skimmers in that first 30 minutes or so but was to add only another 10 ounces after the intervention of the barges and Paul Ramsden packed up after a couple of hours as things were so bad.

However, at the start of the match length Ron Coles was pegged near the lock gates and didn’t let the boats that were coming through put him off as he netted 13 decent skimmers and a few bits for a creditable 11lb 1oz. Not far away Dave Gibbins landed 2 decent Perch with some silvers for 7lb 8oz and in the middle of the match length Andy Webster found several skimmers late on in the match for 6lb 4oz and third place. Chris Howard was only a few ounces behind Andy with several skimmers and a couple of lovely roach both pushing the pound mark.

The increased boat activity along the match length certainly affected the final weights as on another day I’m sure there would have been several double figure weights recorded.

1st – Ron Coles –      11lb 1oz

2nd –Dave Gibbins –  7lb 8oz

3rd – Andy Webster – 6lb 4oz

Club Match – Stockton Reservoir – 29th September 2013

                                ‘Brian finds the right method’

On a very hot late September day the club paid its first visit to Stockton Reservoir for the latest club match. Pegged on the near bank (63-49) the 13 anglers didn’t have too far to walk from the car park to get to the pegs

Although the first few hours were slow for most, Brian Beard, pegged near the first island caught half a dozen carp on the method feeder (8mm hard pellet and meat) casting close to the island, before most had got going. However things then slowed down for Brian as others started to catch as the carp moved in. He added two more later on in the afternoon to register 54lb on the scales

Tom Newberry didn’t have his first carp until 12.45pm but then managed to catch another four on his pole line with cubes of red meat as bait. His five carp weighing in at 43lb.

John Balhatchet also had five carp on his feeder line but his five carp weighing less than Toms at 36lb 14oz.

Everyone who fished caught, most having a couple of carp and some silvers as back up. Chris Howard didn’t catch any carp but had a good day catching 21lb of roach and perch on maggot.

1st – Brian Beard –      54lb 0oz

2nd –Tom Newberry –  43lb 0oz

3rd – John Balhatchet  -36lb 14oz

Club Match – River Ouse – Newton Blossomville – 8th September 2013 

                                             ‘Bonus fish seal it for Paul’

On a sunny early autumnal morning the eleven anglers were pegged in the paddocks section of the clubs stretch of the Ouse at Newton Blossomville. With a lack of rain in recent weeks the river was hardly moving and would have also benefited from a bit of colour as well.

Fish were generally hard to come by throughout the match, and the normal expected catches of roach did not materialise.

Paul Ramsden on the end peg fished caster all day on a 7m line and managed to snare a 4lb Tench and a 2lb Perch late on in the match which when added to the other bits he caught saw 7lb 13oz on the scales.

John Balhatchet on the next peg to Paul literally had a ‘ruffe’ day, catching a dozen or so of them and along with several perch recorded 4lb 8oz at the weigh in.

On peg 2 Tom Newberry caught a mixed bag of fish for 3lb 1oz.

Although a disappointing day, everyone caught, most around the pound and half mark and hopefully the river will be in better condition for the club match in November.

1st – Paul Ramsden –      7lb 13oz

2nd –John Balhatchet –    4lb 8oz

3rd – Tom Newberry  –   3lb 1oz


Club Match – White Bishop Lake – Bishops Bowl – 25th August 2013

                                     ‘John nicks it in a close finish’ 

This was the clubs second match of the season on the White Bishop Lake at the Bishops Bowl fishery.

Allocated pegs 7 to 21 the eleven anglers were spread out between these numbers on an overcast start to the match which brightened up during the afternoon.

It turned out to be a close match for the top four anglers with only a few pounds separating them at the scales.

Pegged on the road side bank John Balhatchet used feeder tactics to catch a mixed bag of carp and silvers for 35lb 4oz.

Opposite John on the far bank and end peg Bob Eales landed a few decent carp along with a few smaller specimens on small cubes of meat to record 33lb 8oz on the scales

Mr Consistency Gerald Green, coming third yet again, caught a decent net of bream on method feeder tactics to go along with a few small carp to weigh 32lb 11oz

Just out of the frame Paul Ramsden, on end peg roadside bank, found the carp starting to feed just too late in the day for him, falling just short of Gerald with 31lb 15oz.

1st – John Balhatchet –  35lb 4oz

2nd –Bob Eales  –          33lb 8oz

3rd – Gerald Green  –    32lb 11oz


Club Match – Marshes 1 – Bishops Bowl  – 11th August 2013

                                     ‘Dave goes top with latest win’

Sunshine and a warm wind was the order of the day for the latest club match and also  for the clubs second visit of the season to the Bishops Bowl fishery.

As there was only a dozen anglers fishing, everyone was pegged around Marshes 1 (Marshes 2 is normally used as well if the turn out is better). Pegs 1 to 3 and also peg 14 at one end of the lake had 2ft-3ft of depth where as other pegs around the lake had a few feet more of depth to fish in and this is where the better weights came from.

Dave Gibbins found a few decent sized carp in the 5lb-6lb bracket, mainly caught on bread to go with a few smaller specimens and some silvers for 34lb 8oz.

John Balhatchet concentrated his efforts with the method feeder to the reeds opposite his peg to catch a decent number of smaller carp for 32lb 2 oz.

Paul Ramsden drawing the peg he had last year caught steadily throughout the match including a couple of decent bream and plenty of silvers but also lost a decent bream that would have probably won the match for him, Paul having to settle for third place with 31lb 4oz.

With Ron Collins not fishing this match, Daves win takes him to the top of the points table for the time being, with Ron, Paul Ramsden and Gerald Green in close contention.

One lighter moment during the match happened when Paul Minney put his pole down and turned round to get a cup of tea only to turn back to see his pole disappearing into the lake, pulled in ‘by a whopper’ according to Paul! Thanks to Chris Howard on the next peg who managed to retrieve the pole sections complete with Pauls only pole float but no fish attached!

1st – Dave Gibbins – 34lb 8oz

2nd –John Balhatchet  –  32lb 2oz

3rd – Paul Ramsden  – 31lb 4oz

Club Match – Toft Fishery- Silver Lake – 28th July 2013

                        ‘Pauls pleasure session makes it two in a row’

The overnight storms and heavy rain had blown away in time for the latest club match on the Silver Lake at Toft, a new water for Nene AC club matches.

The club had pegs 1 – 14, the wind and the sun at the anglers backs. Previous matches on this venue in the preceding months had shown the lake was fishing well.  A stock of smaller carp had been added pre season to go with the large head of silver fish already in the lake.

Paul Ramsden made the most of his draw, with an empty peg either side of him, he fished caster on the hook as well as feeding three pints of casters ‘down the track’ to weigh in an excellent 74lb 10oz of carp and silvers.

John Balhatchet concentrated his efforts with the method feeder to the far bank reeds using dead red maggot and pellet in paste as his main baits with all but 2lb of his 62lb being made up of carp.

Chris Howard fed several pints of hemp and some maggot using double maggot on the hook close in to account for his 58lb 4oz of carp and silvers and was closely followed by Gerald Green who had 55lb 12oz of carp and silvers on the method.

So the top three anglers on the day all used different baits and tactics to record excellent nets of fish, Paul Ramsden coming out on top and John Balhatchet second as per last weeks match, Chris Howard just pipping Gerald Green to third place.

1st – Paul Ramsden – 74lb 10oz

2nd –John Balhatchet  –  62lb 2oz

3rd – Chris Howard  – 58lb 4oz

Club Match – Canons Ashby- Top Lake – 21st July 2013 

                                 ‘Pauls Golden spell takes the honours’

The latest club match of the season took place on an overcast but warm day on the top lake at Canons Ashby, making a pleasant change from the extreme heat of the proceeding week and more comfortable fishing conditions.

Action was slow in the early stages of the match, the odd carp was being caught and indeed a few were lost. Skimmer bream were being landed as the anglers waited for the carp to move in and feed as the match progressed.

Paul Ramsden had drawn the ‘golden peg’ and much fancied peg 12 and made the most his draw to catch 10 carp close in during the last couple of hours of the match for 81lb to go with his 12lb net of skimmer bream.

John Balhatchet immediately to Pauls right managed to land half a dozen carp and skimmer bream as did Ron Collins on Pauls left, Ron also losing several decent fish which in the end was the difference between second and third place.

Several other anglers caught a few carp for weights in the 20lb and 30lb bracket but on the day the top weights came from the far bank pegs in the trees. Paul not only  picked up the pools for winning the match but also has a cheque on the way for winning the match on the golden peg! Well done Paul.


1st – Paul Ramsden – 93lb 10oz

2nd –John Balhatchet  –  49lb 14oz

3rd – Ron Collins  – 43lb 12oz

Club Match – Waterloo Lake  – 7th July 2013 

                        Dick is ‘a pole’ apart to win by more than a margin

 The latest club match took place at a sun baked Waterloo Farm. The best turn out of the season to date saw 13 anglers fishing between pegs 11 and 31 around the main island on the lake.

Throughout the entire match there was the constant sound of carp splashing and crashing around on the surface of the lake, but unfortunately the vast majority of this noise was not down to the clever tactics of the anglers fooling their intended prey, but the fact that ‘mating season’ had arrived, brought on by the recent hot weather no doubt, so the majority of the Waterloo carp had other things on their mind than taking the various baits on offer.

Dick Shellard however on end peg 17 fishing across to the end of the island did manage to temp a dozen or so carp on both his feeder and pole lines for a very creditable weight of 60lb 14oz. Dick was forced to fish most the match on his feeder line as before the match had even started, Dick had watched in disbelief as Bob Eales drove over the end sections of his margin pole as he had unfortunately laid out his pole to near to the edge of the road. Opportunist tactics by Bob, I’m sure he’s not like that is he?

Ron Collins made the most of his end peg on the other side of the lake to take five or six carp and some crucians for 38lb 4oz and second place, Ron caught his carp on the deck which was unusual taking the conditions into account. Mr Consistency Gerald Green, peg 28, also had a similar catch of carp for 34lb 2oz and third place. That’s three times Gerald has come third in the first three matches.

The extremely hot weather definitely had a bearing on the fishing as the spawning carp proved very difficult to catch which was reflected at the weigh in as there was at least 4 DNWs (did not weigh) and several other low back up weights.

1st – Dick Shellard – 60lb 14oz

2nd – Ron Collins  –  38lb 4oz

3rd – Gerald Green  – 34lb 2oz

Long Pound at Stoke Bruerne – 30 December 2012

In mild but windy conditions the Long Pound was in patchy form and very colored after much recent rain. Paul Minney caught mainly Skimmer Bream to 1 pound on punched bread to weigh 6 pounds 14 ounces. Second went to Baz Eaton who had a bonus 2 pound 8 ounce Perch in his catch of Skimmer Bream and Roach for a total of 5 pound 6 ounces. Third was Chris Howard with 4 pounds of Skimmer Bream & Roach all caught in the first hour and a half and very hard for the rest of the match. Again a worrying sign was 2 Zander were again caught – 1 about 2 pounds and the other about 2 inches long this one being caught on bread punch!

Grand Union Canal Heyford – Club match 17th December 2012

13 fished in calm and mild conditions but coloured water from recent rain made fishing very hard. Gerald Green won with 4 pounds 15 ounces of Skimmer Bream to 1pound caught mainly on punched bread with a couple on pinkies. Second was Andy Law with 2 Perch on worm for 3 pounds 2 ounces. Third was Bob Eales with 2 Perch for 2 pounds 7 and a half ounces. Several blanks were also recorded as bites were very hard to come by.