2024/25 Tickets Now Available

Club Books for the new season, valid from 1st June 24 to 31st May 25, are now available to purchase online from our website. Prices have been kept the same as last year, Full Membership £40, Concessions £25 and Juniors £5.

They will also be available to purchase in local tackle shops from Tuesday 7th May 24 or by post by contacting our Membership Secretary Stuart Eggleton (please website for contact details).

Due to unpresidented demand in 23/24 our membership was virtually full, and so in light of this we have decided to drop the “half season” club book which will now NOT be available from 1st December. We were previously the only club in the county to offer this.

We feel our club book prices are good value and our waters offer a wide variety of local fishing for anglers of all ages and abilities throughout the year.

In addition to the two new stretches of water we added last year, being the section of the River Nene at the Waterside Campus and the section of the Great Ouse at Turvey, we have recently acquired another new water to add to our club waters, this being the town centre stretch of the River Nene from B&Q/Carlsberg to the A45 road bridge near BarnesMeadow, more to follow soon.



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