GUC Stoke Bruerne Pounds, F&F

The final club match of the calendar year and also being the Fur & Feather was held on the GUC at Stoke Bruerne.

With 34 anglers fishing, the match length included all the pounds both above and below the A508 road bridge.

It was a cold and dismal day with the overnight fog never really lifting and with the occasional chilly breeze blowing down the cut conditions didn’t seem favourable.

However for those that were drawn on the fish that tend to shoal up at this time of year  there were many excellent weights recorded and overall the canal fished very well considering the conditions, with eight double figure weights recorded and several good back up weights as well.

Drawn in the middle of the Long Pound and 1st with 33 Skimmers and 4 roach on various baits was Simon Cordingley for a tremendous weight of 19lbs 6 ozs.

It was very close for the next three places with Ivor Stokes coming 2nd with 13lbs 13 ozs of Skimmers, Pete Laughton was 3rd with 12lb 15 ozs and 4th was Wayne Robinson with 12lbs 12 ozs.

Sections were won by John Balhatchet 10lbs 11 ozs, Kevin Elliott 10lbs 15ozs, Paul Minney 12lbs 6 ozs and Mick Goodridge 9lbs 3 ozs.

As it was the Fur & Feather there were also prizes for the top three in each section consisting of vouchers and tins of sweets.

1st   Simon Cordingley   19lb 6 oz
2nd  Ivor Stokes              13lb 13oz
3rd  Pete Laughton         12lb 15oz
4th Wayne Robinson      12lb 12oz



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