GUC Stoke Bruerne

The penultimate club points match of the 21/22 season was held on the GUC at Stoke Bruerne, using the pounds above and below the A508 road bridge and then below Stoke bottom lock.

With 28 anglers fishing, 10 were pegged in the pounds, this being one section, and the rest below Stoke bottom lock for two sections.

It was a cold start to the day with an overnight frost but the weather improved during the morning and the sun came out bringing clear blue skies with it.

The over night frost and previous cold nights combined with cold rain water earlier in the week proved to be the main factor in a very patchy day with many anglers blanking.

For those drawn below where the Tove flows into the canal only 4 fish were caught.

First on the day was Paul Minney with 8 Perch and 1 Skimmer from the last pound for 4 lbs 9 ozs caught on pinkie on the waggler. Second was David Rose with Perch, Skimmers and Roach from opposite the marina mouth with 4 lbs 7oz caught at 13 metres on the pole, and third was Graham Martin with 2 Bream and a few small Roach on the lead for 3lbs 9 ozs.

Sections were won by Bob Eales 2 lbs 15 ozs, Chris Howard 3 lbs 1 oz and Dave Gibbins 3 and a half ounces.

Only 13 weighed in with 15 blanks

1st  Paul Minney           4lb 9 oz
2nd Dave Rose             4lb 7oz
3rd Graham Martin      3lb 9oz



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