Match Rules


1. Subject to the approval of the Management Committee venues and prizes shall be decided by the Match Committee.

2. The draw for positions to take place Ninety minutes before the start of the Competition, unless otherwise stated.

3. Competitors to fish to Angling Trust Rules:

(A) Draw cards shall be sealed

(B) All Competitors shall carry their own tackle and bait to their pegs with the exception of Members over 65 years of age or disabled members, who may have assistance.

(C) The signal to start and cease fishing will be given by the Match Secretary or his Appointees only.

(D) The duration of the Competition shall be printed in the membership card, unless changed on the day of the competition due to unforeseen circumstances.

(E) Before the starting signal no angler shall disturb the water other than to wet ground bait, clear fishing ground of weeds or obstructions, or position keep nets. Before start anglers shall be allowed to plumb depth.

(F) After the starting signal a competitor may wade within one metre of the waters edge.

(G) Each competitor must fish within one metre either side of his peg number. In the matter of flowing water, he may fish from his peg in the direction of the flow to the next peg downstream, and on still water as far as half the distance between his peg and the pegs on either side.

(H) No competitor to leave his peg until the final signal except for calls of nature.

(I) Competitors must not cause annoyance or interfere with other competitors.

(J) Only one rod and line and a single hook to be used at any one time, but other rods and tackle may be assembled behind the competitor provided they are not baited.

(K) Any baits may be used other than live or dead fish, artificial lures, wasp grub.

(L) No mechanical means of projecting groundbait is allowed other than by catapult, throwing stick, swimfeeder or bait dropper. Competitors pegged opposite moored boats on the canal are requested to use pole cups when feeding close to the boats rather than catapults.

(M) Competitors must land their own fish and retain them in keepnets complying with the relevant E.A. byelaws.

(N) All freshwater fish in season other than Pike, Zander, Game fish and crustaceans are not eligible.

(O) Competitors must cease fishing at the signal, but will be allowed 15 minutes to play a fish hooked before the signal.

(P) All competitors must ensure their pegs are clear of litter and will not be weighed in until all litter has been removed from their pegs.

(Q) All catches will be weighed to the nearest one quarter ounce rounded up.

(R) Competitors will be responsible for ensuring their correct weight is recorded.

(S) Competitors must fill in their name on the weight cards before being weighed in.


Any breaches of these rules may lead to disqualification. All objections must be reported to the Match Secretary or his Assistant before the results are declared. All objections shall be considered by the Match Stewards and their decision shall be final.


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