Rod License

Anyone aged 12 years up to 17 who fishes for salmon, trout, freshwater fish or eels in England or Wales must have a valid Environment Agency Rod Fishing Licence this licence is currently f.o.c upon application to the E.A.

Rod Licences are available from every Post Office in England & Wales or direct from the Environment Agency. Failure to produce a valid licence could result in prosecution and a fine of up to £2500.

A Rod Licence  gives you permission to fish in “free waters only”, most waters are leased to clubs or individuals and therefore you also need the permission from those owners of the water before you start fishing usually by becoming a club member or by buying a day permit.

A rod licence does not give you the right to take fish from any water. This will depend on local byelaws and you must have permission from the owner of the water where you are fishing. Anybody caught taking fish without permission is liable to  prosecution under the Theft Act.

Fishing Close Seasons:- All rivers in Wales and England operate a close season from 15th March to 16th June during which all fishing is banned. The times of these close seasons vary locally and you are advised to contact your local Environment Agency office for more details.

Most canals and still waters ( includes all lakes and ponds ) allow fishing during the River close season. You must contact the owner of each individual water to check whether this is so or if there is a close season on their waters.

Please contact the Environment Agency Click here to link to the Environment Agency for more details if you are unsure of the close seasons on any water.


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