River Nene, Ringstead

The latest club match was held on the River Nene at Ringstead on the Wellingborough AC water. Weather conditions on the day were mild and calm but river conditions were not the best with very little flow and also quite clear.

Twenty five anglers fished and throughout the match length everyone caught Roach, Dace and Perch.

1st was Rob Pottinger with over 160 bread punch caught Roach for 14lbs 15 oz, 2nd with 8lbs 10oz was Kevin Elliott including a bonus pound and a half Perch, 3rd was Mick Goodridge with 7lbs 5oz of Roach and 4th was Graham Prince with 7lbs 2 oz.

Sections were won by Graham Martin 6lbs 4 oz, Brian Beard 6lbs 8 oz and John Balhatchet 6lbs 12oz

1st   Rob Pottinger     14lb 15 oz
2nd  Kevin Elliott          8lb 10oz
3rd  Mick Goodridge    7lb 5oz



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