River Ouse, Old Stratford

The final club points match of the 21/22 season was held on the River Ouse at Old Stratford, the 20 competitors pegged either side of the A5 road bridge.

It was a fairly mild day for the time of year and with the sun out made for pleasant conditions. The river however was reasonably clear and fining down after recent rain fall making conditions difficult for most.

1st on the day was David Rose with 9lbs 2 ozs of pole caught Perch to 2lbs, 2nd Mick Goodridge with 7lbs 2ozs of Perch and Bleak, and 3rd was Andy Law with 6lbs 6 ozs including a Chub of 5lbs 11 ozs caught on the pole.

Sections were won by John Balhatchet 2 lbs 10 ozs and Graham Martin 4lbs 14 ozs.

The season’s points were also decided today with 1st Rob Pottinger 177 points, 2nd Mick Goodridge 166, 3rd John Balhatchet 164

1st  David Rose             9lb 2 oz

2nd Mick Goodridge     7lb 2oz

3rd Andy Law                6lb 6oz     



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