River Ouse, Olney

Today the latest club match was held on the River Ouse at Olney and with the river running extremely low and clear fishing was extremely hard for most of the 21 anglers.

The match was split over 3 sections with pegs 1 – 15 at Olney Mill section of the river, these pegs were then split into 2 sections, this due to the current low level of the river and the state of bank it was not possible to get all anglers pegged one after another.

Pegs 16 – 23 were on the other side of Olney town at the Lavendon Rd stretch.

The top weights on the day all came from the Lavendon Rd section, with Rob Pottinger catching top weight of 8lb 7oz of roach and perch including 4lbs of bleak. Second was Joe Roberts wiith 7lbs 5ozs of roach, perch and skimmers on caster. Completing the frame was Mick Goodridge with 6lb 12oz of skimmers and roach.

It was more of a struggle at the Olney Mill stretch, several of the anglers being plagued by pike in their swims resulting in lost fish and impacting on overall weights.

Simon Cordingley managed a mixed bag of fish for 4lb 12oz and top weight and section winner for pegs 1 – 7.

Joint top weight and section winners for pegs 8 – 17 were John Broughton and Matt Webb both with 3lb 15oz

Section winner for pegs 16 – 23 at Lavendon Rd was Chris Howard with 5lb 13oz.

1st – Rob Pottinger        8lb 7oz
2nd – Joe Roberts         7lb 5oz
3rd –  Mick Goodridge   6lb 12oz



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