Stockton Reservoir

It was a warm humid day with the odd sunny spell day for the latest club match. Of the 25 anglers that took part, 17 weighed in with the lowest weight being 4lb 12oz. Fishing was quite tough going for most with the majority of the carp caught being around the 10lb mark. The fish did not feed in great numbers.

Graham Martin managed to catch 9 carp up to 12lb for a winning weight of 84lb 12oz. Andy Law was in second place with 6 carp for 62lb 6oz including catching a whopping carp of 22lb 6oz on the pole! Third place went to Paul Ramsden who also had 6 carp to 12lb for 57lb 14oz and in fourth place was John Broughton with 5 carp to 10lb for 40lb 6oz

1st Graham Martin – 84lb 12oz
2nd Andy Law – 62lb 6oz
3rd Paul Ramsden – 57lb 14oz
4th John Broughton – 40lb 6oz



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